Welcome to Cinnabar: Room 21

This is the place to find everything you need to know about South County Consortium's K-2nd Therapeutic Support Program.

A place where all are valued and our true value lies in our diversity.

First of all

Our Calendar

Although we are run by a Petaluma City School's program (SoCC), we currently follow Cinnabar's yearly calendar.

Our Program

The Therapeutic Support Programs are just one type of class offered by Petaluma City School's South County Consortium. In this setting, we offer resources and reinforce classroom management systems that support student's needs and empower them to advocate for the things they need to fully access their education.

Our Team

We are incredibly lucky to have an outstanding, and well balanced, team of compassionate and determined professionals. Our students have varying needs, so our program offers diverse services, from Speech and Occupational Therapy to Adapted Physical Education and both group and individual Counseling. All of us, plus you stellar parents/guardians, come together to work as a collaborative unit in order to best assist each student.

Our Goal

As with any Accessible Education program, our ultimate goal is to provide the time and space for students to try out an abundance of coping strategies and emotional regulation techniques in order to self-regulate in difficult moments. This student-led approach enables each child to learn to check in with themselves, and build a toolkit of cool down methods they can bring with them to whichever placement lies ahead.

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